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In house rig points

We can rig off beams (steel or wood) closed hooks, box truss, tri-light or beam clamps, all with a SWL (Safe working load) of no less than 500kg per artist per point.  We are able to rig our equipment ourselves if access is provided, but if it is a difficult or high rig we can bring a qualified rigger.

For group pieces we need 2.5m distance between rigged performers. 3m clearance from members of the public. During shows we need  in-house assistance to maintain clearance from the public.


Required height

We can perform our most dramatic shows at 5.5-10 metres. Lower than 5.5m reduces choreographic options- but it is still possible for us to create exciting choreography. Our minimum working height is 3.5m- for installation pieces (meet and greet/ambient sets).


Free-standing rig

We carry our own portable aerial rig which can be used for indoor or outdoor performances and workshops.We can present solos or duets on the rig and it can be put up at three different heights.

Please note our rig was manufactured in the US therefore measurements were sold in feet – we also enclose the metric conversions.

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  • Height 1: 5.65m/18.5ft
  • Height 2: 4.3m/14ft
  • Height 3: 3.10m/10.3ft (ambient only)

For more details go to our rig page.




Required floor space

The floor space we require is specific to each act or show. Standard aerial acts require a minimum 3m square.

For more details contact us.


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Lighting plans will be sent where appropriate and discussed with technical staff. It is important to light the length of the equipment, generally with up and down lights.

No strobe effects, but follow spots are fine.


We will bring our music on an mp3 player and/or a CD. We are also happy to send our mp3s in advance for your technician’s play list. If we have live musicians with us we will discuss amplification options but artists carry pick-ups for their instruments.



Changing and refreshments

We will require a warm private space with a mirror to prepare for shows. We need access to toilet facilities and access to water- preferably without walking through public spaces in costume. Drinking water and light refreshments to be provided, followed by an evening meal if we are on site all day and into the night.

NB if the de-rig runs into the early hours and we are away from our base we will need accommodation.