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Aerial Rig

We now own a beautiful free standing aerial rig. This brushed aluminum structure is suitable for indoor and outdoor use for theatre, event work and workshops. The rig can be used on grass, concrete or any hard floor surfaces with pegs and slip mats to secure it if required.

We can provide a range of performances with our own artists, or the rig can be hired as a stand alone structure with one of our staff over seeing the build.

For dinner events,  tables and chairs can be arranged around the rig legs, provided an agreed space is left clear for the performance area.

Quick and easy to assemble, it can be built with three people in less than an hour and taken down in 30mins!

Available for hire with or without aerialists, our rig is hugely diverse with three different height settings. It can be used for both solo and duet performances or for workshops.

Height settings

Please note that our rig was manufactured in the US, therefore measurements were sold in feet – we also enclose the metric conversions.

Height 1: 5.65m/18.5ft      Footprint 7.00 x 8m/ 23 x 26ft

Height 2: 4.3m/14ft           Footprint 5.5 x 6.40m/ 18 x 21ft

Height 3: 3.10m/10..3ft     Footprint 4.5 x 4.5m/ 14.9ft x 15