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“[Zu’s] aerial dance was breathtaking but also beautiful and dramatic… it lifted it to a whole new 3 dimensional level that exceeded our wildest dreams.”

Deborah Roberts, BREMF

Adding rich colour to any space, a silks act not only brings beauty but also drama. Choreographed with exciting drops and stunning aerial dance fluidity aerial silks is a mesmerising and elegant act.

We also perform on cocoons, a single loop of fabric. Cocoons are fantastic for meet and greet and main acts,  allowing the performer to stay in the air for longer periods of time than other types of equipment. They bring a dramatic sense of visual height with the performer completely separated from the ground, and therefore also work well in lower venues.

Specific colour theme? We can provide options of 16 colours from our own aerial dance fabric brand. See shop to view our colour collection.


To book an aerial silks act click here.