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Zu Aerial Fabric Review

Zu aerial Fabric review

Zu Aerial Fabric customer review

‘Just a little message to let you know how very much I enjoy the silks I purchased from your company 2 months ago! In the beginning my hands had to get used to the thickness of the fabric, but I soon got used to that, and now I love the softness and the bounce the silk has.

I can’t wait for summer and warmer temperatures to arrive, so I can take out my silks
more often, put on something else than thermic clothing and leg warmers and enjoy the aerial exercise!’

Thanks from Esther
(the Netherlands)

NB Aerialists- when rigging your equipment from tree’s please seek advice from a qualified rigger.

Happy New Year! Zu Aerial 2015

We hope you have had a lovely break and  back to it! After a fantastic 2014 we are revving up for another year of flying fun!

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Zu Aerial’s Single point Trapeze Duet Now based in Mid Wales we have performance artists and teachers available for hire in Wales, Cheshire, Bristol, London and Sussex, all within arms reach throughout the UK.

Now based in Mid Wales we have performance artists and teachers available for hire in Wales, Cheshire, Bristol, London and Sussex, all within arms reach throughout the UK.

Go to our events  and workshop pages for further information.

Our aerial fabric range is going great guns and we have 500m of our luscious deep red on sale in our shop.

10% off order for 20m (10m silk) or above till Feb 14th! Don’t miss out 🙂

We look forward to sharing aerial joy this year, wishing you a wonderful year full of all things good!

Love team Zu



Christmas Parties and Events

Christmas is drawing near and it’s time to start sorting the entertainment for your event! Whether a winter wedding, Christmas corporate event, office party or family do why not consider adding an extra element of magic. Zu Aerial can provide trapeze, silks, champagne pouring, acrobatics and much more with our winter wonderland costumes – we can even make it snow as we sprinkle glitter from above!

For more info get in touch or to see our prices check out our prices page. And remember at Zu we want to cater for you so if you want something specific for your Christmas parties or if it’s our of your price range get in touch and we will see what we can do!

Happy Christmas Planning!


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Private Lessons in Aerial and Acrobatics

Looking for some one to one lessons in aerial circus, trapeze, silks, acrobatics or dance we have instructors based in both Brighton and Cheshire available. From beginners to advanced, for intensive professional development, to just have a go or fun a fabulous fun birthday present for a friend we cater for all!

For more information or to book your private lessons today contact us on info@zu-aerial.com!

Aerial quoting made simple!

Fed up of having to call or email  a company to find out prices??!!

Now you can a full breakdown of our act prices and packages on our website!

But remember if you want a bespoke package or aerial act for your event or it all seems out of your budget get in touch! At Zu we aim to cater things to every individual client so drop us and email and we can send through an individual quote  just for you!!

Aerial Champagne Pouring

Wondering what aerial champagne pouring is??? It’s a brand new skill we have added to our repertoire after the huge success at our first showing at the Red Bull Formula 1 2012 christmas event!!  

Amaze your guests as they are welcomed to Zu aerialists ready to top up your glass! Our circus artists hang on trapezes or cocoons just above head height ready to serve and interact with your guests! Add some elegant drama to your evening! 


Check out our new aerial champagne video so see it for real!

2013 Showreel!

Check out our brand new 2013 showreel of all our latest circus acts! See glimpses from some of the spectacular events in the last 12 months including Red Bull Formula 1 event and our first performance in an air craft hanger! If anything catches your eye that you would like for your event drop us a line!

Welcome to our new website!

Hello and welcome to the world of Zu!


Here we are with our brand new, shiny and much anticipated website to greet 2013!

You can keep up to date with our latest endeavors including performances, available acts, classes and equipment sales. We are always open to answer your questions or hear your comments so drop us a line.

Enjoy having a look around!

All new Aerial Silks for sale!


aerial silks for sale

Zu Aerial Fabric is a range of silk equipment used by aerial dance artists and circus schools both nationally and internationally.

• Load Certified fabric
• Huge range of vibrant colours
• Non slip grip
• Reflects stage light beautifully
• Quicker break-in period
• Ideal for both full length silk and hammocks

We are passionate about providing affordable fabric to our aerial community,
offering discounts to educational establishments and bulk orders.

“The fabric itself is great, fab choice of colours, very reasonable price and it arrived very quickly after ordering.”All or Nothing Aerial Dance

Have a look at our great range of colours and order some in our shop today!


Brighton Early Music Festival

This fantastic adventure began with an intriguing email in 2011 enquiring of our interest in a project creating aerial dance for renaissance music! It was a hugely ambitious project to re-create the FLORENTINE INTERMEDI of 1589 by the Brighton Early Music Festival (BREMF).

To our great excitement in 2012 we found that the project (despite BREMF not receiving their ACE funding for the first time in 10 years) was to go ahead, and what a huge pleasure it was!

Hosted in Europe’s tallest church, St Bartholomew’s in Brighton (1874), the building stands at 35m high – which is big even for us! With such an ancient and precious building the options for rigging were limited to what we could bring in. Working closely with High Performance Rigging we brought in their gorgeous 10m arch rig and sections of truss secured to the  27m high ledges for a section of vertical dance.


We set about creating the acts without having the actual scores as conductor and highly skilled musician Deborah Roberts was literally researching and recreating the music from scratch. Therefore our midi interpretations of a full orchestra and 3 choirs had to do until the day of the show, when all elements came together for the first time. Chaos turned to beauty!

Performing with the live choirs and orchestra was incredible, as they created the exquisite sound our movement filled that huge space- we literally felt like angels suspended in the heavens. It was an utter delight and privilege. BREMF hope to secure funding to take the show on tour 2013 and we wouldn’t need asking twice!

‘[Zu’s] aerial dance was breathtaking but also beautiful and dramatic… lifting it on to a whole new 3 dimensional level that exceeded our wildest dreams’.

Deborah Roberts, BREMF 2012

Take a look at the photos from this epic event in our gallery.