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Brighton Early Music Festival

This fantastic adventure began with an intriguing email in 2011 enquiring of our interest in a project creating aerial dance for renaissance music! It was a hugely ambitious project to re-create the FLORENTINE INTERMEDI of 1589 by the Brighton Early Music Festival (BREMF).

To our great excitement in 2012 we found that the project (despite BREMF not receiving their ACE funding for the first time in 10 years) was to go ahead, and what a huge pleasure it was!

Hosted in Europe’s tallest church, St Bartholomew’s in Brighton (1874), the building stands at 35m high – which is big even for us! With such an ancient and precious building the options for rigging were limited to what we could bring in. Working closely with High Performance Rigging we brought in their gorgeous 10m arch rig and sections of truss secured to the  27m high ledges for a section of vertical dance.


We set about creating the acts without having the actual scores as conductor and highly skilled musician Deborah Roberts was literally researching and recreating the music from scratch. Therefore our midi interpretations of a full orchestra and 3 choirs had to do until the day of the show, when all elements came together for the first time. Chaos turned to beauty!

Performing with the live choirs and orchestra was incredible, as they created the exquisite sound our movement filled that huge space- we literally felt like angels suspended in the heavens. It was an utter delight and privilege. BREMF hope to secure funding to take the show on tour 2013 and we wouldn’t need asking twice!

‘[Zu’s] aerial dance was breathtaking but also beautiful and dramatic… lifting it on to a whole new 3 dimensional level that exceeded our wildest dreams’.

Deborah Roberts, BREMF 2012

Take a look at the photos from this epic event in our gallery.